Integrity First for America wound down operations in December 2022; click here to learn more. This is an archived website and Charlottesville case files will continue to remain available.

I have some important news to share about the future of IFA. But first, allow me to briefly take a step back to remind you of what we’ve accomplished together.

As we approach the five-year anniversary of the deadly Charlottesville attack, it’s undeniable that Unite the Right was not an isolated incident but, rather, a preview of the white supremacist extremism that’s followed. That’s why holding those responsible to account was so crucial -- and that’s precisely what we did through our groundbreaking lawsuit and historic verdict in November.

At a moment of rising extremism, bigotry, and violence, our Charlottesville case provided a rare example of accountability and justice. It sent a message that will resonate long after the case is over: There are consequences for violent hate.

The jury found every defendant liable. There have already been massive financial and operational impacts on these neo-Nazis and hate groups. We told the full story of what happened that horrific weekend, while pulling back on the curtain on how this vile movement operates.

And we created a blueprint that other communities can use to fight back against white supremacist terror. That blueprint is already being applied in lawsuits against those who attacked the Capitol on January 6th.

It’s been an honor of a lifetime to support our courageous plaintiffs. And none of it would have been possible without your generous support and encouragement. You invested not simply in an organization, but in a landmark fight against violent white supremacy and extremism -- a uniquely important legal battle for justice, for accountability, and for the kind of country we want to live in.

Now, following this historic verdict, we’re approaching the point where remaining case needs can move forward without a dedicated nonprofit behind it. With our principal goals achieved, we’ll be winding down IFA’s operations at the end of the year -- while ensuring IFA’s work and legacy live on through key partners and organizations.

The Charlottesville legal team continues to pursue post-trial motions, with judgment collection the next phase. Case documents, including our exhibit database, will remain publicly accessible here on our website for the long term, continuing to serve as a resource for researchers, academics, journalists, and others in the fight. And, crucially, we intend for any remaining assets at the end of the year to directly support the Charlottesville community and survivors of the Unite the Right violence.

As for me, I’m staying squarely in the fight for our democracy -- including serving as a Senior Advisor on Extremism at Human Rights First. Through that partnership, we’ll continue to engage IFA’s remarkable community of supporters in the critical, multifaceted fight against extremism. Stay tuned for updates!

I’m so grateful to our brave plaintiffs, the IFA staff, the legal team, and all of you -- I could not be more proud of what we accomplished, together. And I’m also clear-eyed about the challenges ahead, at a time of increasingly normalized extremism, hate, and antidemocratic authoritarianism.

This moment requires bold action. That’s precisely where my focus will be, and where -- through these partnerships -- our work at IFA will further inspire accountability and justice at a time when both are in short supply. In the meantime, IFA’s work continues and we’ll keep providing you with updates through the end of the year.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions and comments. We love hearing from you and could not have done this without you.

* Update: December 22, 2022 *

We wrote earlier this year to share an important update on the future of Integrity First for America and the ongoing fight against violent white supremacy and extremism.

After the historic verdict in our Charlotteville lawsuit, we’ve reached the point where remaining case needs can move forward without a dedicated nonprofit behind it. As we wrote in August, with our principal goals achieved and our case now serving as a model for accountability, we’ve decided to wind down IFA’s operations – while ensuring IFA’s work and legacy live on through key partnerships.

With year-end approaching, IFA is now officially winding down as a standalone nonprofit organization. We’re particularly gratified that our remaining financial assets will support the Charlottesville community and, specifically, survivors of the Unite the Right violence through a dedicated fund at the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation, in partnership with Congregate Charlottesville.

Of course the broader fight against violent extremism continues – and we’ll ensure you remain up-to-date on that fight in the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned for updates!

We remain incredibly grateful for your support and partnership. None of this would have been possible without you.

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