October 27 2017

News Roundup: Charlottesville case commentary

(Oct. 14-27, 2017) –Here is a roundup of this week's news on IFA and the Charlottesville case:

10/14 "Charlottesville White Supremacist Rally Leaders Face Lawsuit" Interview with Robbie Kaplan and Marissa Blair on AMJoy

10/16 "The Easy Take and The Right Take on The Charlottesville Lawsuit" Leah Litman and Lark Turner for Take Care

10/17 "Roberta Kaplan Takes on neo-Nazis and Other Bigots" Johnathan Capeman for Washington Post

10/17 "Roberta Kaplan on Fighting White Supremacists in the U.S." Podcast: Cape Up! With Johnathan Capeman for Washington Post 

10/18 "Cheers and Jeers: Wednesday" Bill in Portland, Maine for Daily Kos

10/19 "Cheers and Jeers: Thursday" Bill in Portland, Maine for Daily Kos

10/20 "Grand Banks' improvisation unchanged by political strife" Dave Cantor for Daily Progress

10/26 “Senate Hearing Focuses on College Campus Free Speech” CSPAN

 Stay tuned for more news in the weeks ahead.