Edith Windsor and Roberta Kaplan | Newsy

(Feb. 22, 2018)—Jamal Andress of Newsy interviewed Roberta Kaplan—lead attorney in our Charlottesville case—about her career, from defeating DOMA to tackling the violent white supremacists who invaded Charlottesville. Kaplan said: 

"While Windsor was obviously about the equal protection and the equal dignity of all Americans, in a certain sense, Charlottesville is no different, it was just more overt."

On the unbelievable damage wrought by white supremacists and neo-Nazis in Charlottesville last August, Kaplan continued:

"It was unbelievably shocking to me. You can't, I think, ever fully heal those wounds. But I think one way to heal them, and I think that's what every one of our plaintiffs believes, is to hold the people who did it accountable."

The violence in Charlottesville was no accident. To learn more about our case against the violent extremists who organized the Unite the Right rally, watch the full video on Newsy.com, or by clicking the image below.


10,000 Voices for Charlottesville

Our lawsuit against the Nazis and white supremacists who attacked Charlottesville is headed to trial — and our plaintiffs need to know we have their backs.