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The Crisis of White Supremacist Violence is Made Infinitely Worse by Politicians and Pundits Normalizing Replacement Theory

Integrity First for America Executive Director Amy Spitalnick released the following statement:

“Details are still coming out about today’s horrific mass shooting in Buffalo, but initial reports should surprise no one: The shooter apparently identified as a white supremacist and was motivated by the vile Replacement Theory.

“From Charlottesville to Pittsburgh to Poway to El Paso and now Buffalo, Replacement Theory has fueled a cycle of white supremacist mass violence in this country.

"And there’s no question: This crisis of white supremacist violence has been made infinitely worse by the politicians and pundits who have normalized Replacement Theory over the last few years. It’s not just Tucker Carlson, although he is certainly the most prominent. It is also elected officials in New York and across the country who have given a platform to this vile conspiracy and emboldened extremists – with deadly consequences.

“We are heartbroken for the victims and all those impacted. And we are furious. There has been so little accountability for those responsible for this extremism, including those who have promoted and mainstreamed this deadly hate.

"Our Charlottesville plaintiffs’ victory in court last fall marked a rare example of such accountability and justice. But it must go hand-in-hand with the broader, sweeping action necessary: from all levels of government; from social media companies that have allowed this extremism to metastasize; and in building the democratic resilience that is crucial to preventing violent extremism in the first place."

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